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Aloha Samurai II: The Second Slice

The highly-anticipated sequel to the award-winning short film, ALOHA SAMURAI II: THE SECOND SLICE continues the tale of the Hawaiian-clad hero who protects the Valley of Peace from the bandits and marauders who would seek to defile it. Aloha… Aloha Samurai. Aloha will face his greatest foe yet. Challenged by the leader of the notorious Haruku gang to partake in a mysterious tournament, Aloha embarks on a journey that will surely test the strength of his hand… And his heart. Fans of Akira Kurosawa are sure to love, laugh, and cry for the Aloha Samurai in ALOHA SAMURAI II: THE SECOND SLICE… This is one irreverent samurai comedy that might just slap you silly! Saturday, July 30 7PM – 8:30 PM Doors will open 30 minutes prior to Showtime for an exclusive “Blood” Red Carpet Event! Rated PG for some salty language and violence.

Aloha Samurai II: The Second Slice